FCMUK transfer Information

Dear Members

As of August 2016 FCMUK ceased to exist. FCMUK members voted at the 2016 AGM for membership to automatically transfer to Christian magicians UK.

Please note:

If you joined or renewed membership in the last 12 months of FCMUK’s existence you are now a member of Christian Magicians UK. As we are registering to become a charity some further changes have needed to be made. Members are kept updated of these in regular Voila articles and emails.

We now run a rolling membership. So membership runs from the month you joined or renewed FCMUK and continues for the following 12 months (FCMUK membership ran October to October)

You cannot vote on any matter unless you are a Member of Christian Magicians UK and you are over 18 years of age.

Junior membership for under 18’s will be given access to resources but will be not be recognised as full members under charity commission law

Family membership will change slightly. All members will need to join and pay individually but there is a discount for members residing at the home of a full member. This continues to significantly reduce the cost of membership for family’s.