Competition Rules and Winners

Dear Members competition rules will be published here at least two months before the competition date. Competitions are open to members only.

Next Competition is:

A stage competition is to take part at the Christian Magicians UK conference. It will take place on Tuesday 13th February 2018 at 8pm. Competition rules are as follows

“Any member of Christian Magicians UK may take part in the Stage Competition, held alternate years at the conference. To ensure that a reasonable performance standard is maintained, all entrants will be asked to provide a proposer. Your act needs to be LESS THAN 10 minutes (after exactly 10 minutes you will be asked to stop, regardless of where you are in your effect / trick). The audience will be asked to decide upon their favourite performer. They may wish to consider the criteria below:” 

Please see the list of criteria that the audience or judges may be asked to consider at the bottom of this page. There is a sign up sheet for competition entries available from the first day of conference. Spaces may be limited. If you have any questions then please contact the membership secretary or a member of committee. The competitors must be a fully paid up member of Christian Magicians on the date of the completion to be eligible to compete.

Previous Winners

 Stage  Close Up  McCahon Comedy  Junior Cup

Not Run


Steve Price


David O’Connor


Cameron Welsh

Marking Criteria / Factors

If you are considering taking part in any of our competitions then you may wish to consider the following. Each of the five sections should be considered to have equal weight.

 Discipline  What to take into account
 Presentation  Personal appearance and dress

Condition of the props

Could they be heard?

Did they make good eye contact with everyone?

Did they come across as being confident?

Interaction with the audience

How they treated spectators

Was the presentation clear?

 Technical Ability  Were the tricks executed well? (no mistakes or exposures)

What was the level of technical ability or was the trick self working?

How strong was the magic?

 Variety  Was there a good mix of effects?

How many tricks were performed?

How original were the effects?

Was the transition between tricks handled well or was it a collection of separate tricks?

How much thought went into the routine as a whole?

 Gospel Content  Did the gospel content make sense?

Was the gospel content appropriate to the presentation and audience?

 Entertainment Were the audience engaged in the performance?

Were the audience responding positively?

Did the Audience enjoy the act for the right reason?