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Christian Magicians UK is a group of Christian entertainers, who use their performing skills to spread the Good News about Jesus Christ.  The tricks that are performed are either used as “visual aids” (for example escaping from a pair of handcuffs and talking about how “Christ has set us free” – Galatians 5v1), or simply to attract and engage an audience.  It is a very effective method of presenting the Gospel in a clear and memorable way.

Christian Magicians UK is a brand new organisation with thirty years history. We began life as The Fellowship of Christian Magicians UK – FCM(UK) beginning with a single step taken with The International Fellowship of Magicians (IFCM) based in America. Over the past thirty years the UK organisation has grown and changed direction many times but always with the same Christian ethos and the support of IFCM. However as a child grows and matures so do organisations and at the 29th annual conference of FCM(UK) earlier this year, a unanimous decision was taken to continue our journey as an independent organisation. All with the agreement and support of IFCM. So it was that at the beginning of May, CHRISTIAN MAGICIANS UK was born. This means we now have a new constitution relevant to our new status, which will be available to view on this website in the very near future. Clearly this sort of change does not happen in a flash, even for magicians, therefore we thank you for your continued patience.

Our independence does not preclude individual members of Christian Magicians UK being individual members of IFCM.

Members use natural principles to produce amazing effects.  Most will freely admit that what they perform are simply “tricks”.  Robert Houdin (a French magician, who Harry Houdini named himself after) once said “A magician is an actor playing the part of a magician”.  Nowadays, most people understand that what they are seeing is not “real”, but merely special effects.

So what skills do you need if you want to try Gospel Magic?  Well, probably not the ones that immediately spring to mind!  Perhaps the most important skills are “people skills” – being confident; being able to make eye contact; being able to communicate clearly.  You might take these for granted, but so many performers think it’s all about the trick, that they forget the primary purpose – to entertain, and (if appropriate) share the Gospel.

Some tricks are easy to learn (they can be learnt in minutes), others are much more complicated (they take years).  Most magic sets, or books on magic from the library, are aimed at beginners and therefore focus on simple tricks that anyone can do. This is the way to start. Each year we have a national conference (along with several regional events) which include lectures, hands on workshops and shows. Through these and our quarterly magazine we provide ideas to help members develop their magic and entertainment skills to enable them to share their faith through good magic. Our 2017 conference (13th to 17th February 2017) was a rather special event, since it was our 30th but also our 1st as Christian Magicians UK. Go to the conference page to find out what is on offer in 2018.

Membership is open to Christian magicians of all denominations and it would be great to meet you sometime.

Baz (Barry Birchall) President Christian Magicians UK

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 Full Membership Starts From Only £20 (or just £5 for family / under 16’s) Go to the Join Up page to find out how you can pay